About us

Viswa Bharathi Social Welfare Society is a dedicated and community-driven social service organization committed to improving the lives of underprivileged individuals and communities. With a vision for an inclusive and prosperous society, the organization offers a range of essential services aimed at addressing various socio-economic challenges faced by marginalized sections of the population.


Viswa Bharathi Social Welfare Society’s mission is to create a positive and lasting impact on society by providing comprehensive support and opportunities to those in need. Through the provision of free education, job fairs (Job Mela), and medical camps, the organization strives to empower individuals, families, and communities to break the cycle of poverty and improve their overall quality of life.

Community Impact:

Through its diverse range of services, Viswa Bharathi Social Welfare Society has made a significant impact on the communities it serves. The organization has not only improved educational outcomes and employment prospects but has also contributed to the overall well-being of individuals and families. By addressing the basic needs of education, employment, and healthcare, Viswa Bharathi is empowering people to lead more fulfilling lives and contributing to the development of the broader community.

Viswa Bharathi Social Welfare Society stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to building a more equitable and compassionate society. With a commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those less fortunate, the organization continues to work towards a brighter future for all.

Governing Body

Buddayapalli Guru PrasadPresident
Buddayapalli ChinnamaddiVice-President
Buddayapalli RameshSecretary & Correspondent
Buddayapalli GurrammaTreasurer
P Venu Gopal ReddyMember
K. Gangi ReddyMember
K. Venkata LakshummaMember